We scan your geometry with our non-contact
3D scanner to create a digital copy that can be used for Reverse Engineering or Computer-aided Inspection
We build your prototype parts in the right material, with the right process, and at the right price
Show us your part and we will show you an innovative way to get it built on time and under budget


white light scanning

How does 3D Scanning change the Process?

Traditional methods of Reverse Engineering and First Article Inspection are outdated and wasteful. With 3D Scanning, the process is changing. You can quickly capture current geometry where no CAD data is available and you can quickly inspect your product when production begins.

With our non-contact 3D Scanning service, thousands of measurements per second are captured into specialized software that can turn that data into usable CAD files or compare it to existing files.

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3D Scanning Technology:

Absolute Geometries uses only the latest in 3D scanning hardware and software and it is our goal to provide the best 3D scanning file output in the industry.

Data can be output in:

  • STL
  • IGES
  • STEP
  • Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, Siemens NX, Parasolid

    Faro Laser Scanner

Benefits and uses of 3D Scanning:

  • Save time and money on First Article Inspection
  • Receive CAD data for parts where original data is unavailable
  • Inspect tooling for accuracy or wear
  • Shorten approval times. Get your product to market faster
  • Capture data of conceptual design models
  • Create visualization models for catalogs or web page
  • Document museum or architectural pieces
  • Replicate old parts that have no CAD data
  • Copy existing part designs for after market applications
  • Analyze competitive products
  • Minimize out-of-tolerance parts in production
  • Find shrink and warpage problems with injection molded parts quickly and inexpensively
  • Ensure proper build parameters are being used on Rapid Prototyping Equipment
  • Quickly verify the accuracy of vendor or 3rd party First Article Inspections
  • Communicate dimensional problems clearly to overseas suppliers
  • Inspect parts for wear patterns

3D Scanning Mesh File