Product Development Services

RTV Tooling and Molding:

Also known as “rubber molding”, RTV tooling is the process of using a rapid prototyped or machined pattern to produce a low durometer tool for pouring a 2 part urethane material. Tooling cost is very low compared to even short run aluminum tooling. Accuracy and material properties are sacrificed for the savings in time and money. A large variety of materials are available including rigid, flexible, clear, multiple low durometers, and high heat deflection. Most materials allow for color pigment to be added. Tooling can be completed in a matter of days and 2-6 parts per day can be produced from the tooling. Tools are normally good for about 30 parts before they start to degrade. RTV is an excellent choice when under 100 parts are required and production material properties are not required.

Short Run Injection Mold Tooling:

If less than 100,000 plastic parts are needed, there are many cost saving measures that can be taken when building an injection mold tool. The part geometry and the production material to be used will determine what steps can be taken to shorten tooling time and reduce cost. The savings in time and cost may come from the material used to build the tool, the use of hand loads for side or undercut features, the use of rapid prototyped inserts, or many other trade secrets developed over years of experience. Absolute Geometries employees have been involved in various short run tooling projects for many years. We know the right process and the right technology to get your parts done in the quickest and most cost effective manner. Show us your part and we will show you an innovative way to get it built on time and under budget.

Prototype Metal Castings:

Die cast metal parts can be prototyped via the “RPM” process. Rapid Prototype patterns are used to create a master rubber mold. The rubber mold is used to create a “tool” that is used to create plaster molds. Aluminum, zinc, or bronze is then poured into the plaster mold. When cooled, the metal is removed from the plaster, the gating is removed, and the part is debured. The following materials can be cast:

Aluminum: 319, 355, 356, A356, 357, and 380

Zinc: ZA3, ZA8, ZA12, and ZA27

Bronze: C873