Rapid Prototyping Services


Absolute Geometries’ founder was one of the first 20 people ever to be trained in SLA operations.  He helped to start up DTM’s SLS Service Center in 1990 and was instrumental in developing the process as we know it today.  As General Manager of a major RP Service Bureau, he was responsible for being the first to offer the Objet Polyjet technology in the US.

Our experience doesn’t stop there.  Our employees have a combined 35 plus years of rapid prototyping knowledge.  That kind of experience is critical in choosing the right material and the right process for the job.  Let Absolute Geometries handle all of your Rapid Prototyping needs and you will get parts in the right material by the right process and at a competitive price.  Whether your part is run on one of our three Objet systems or in SLA or SLS by one of our selected partners; we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.  The rapid prototyping technologies offered are:

SLA (Stereolithography):

UV sensitive resin is cured by a UV laser beam one layer at a time.  As each layer is produced, a platform holding the part is lowered into the vat of resin.  Upon completion of the build, the platform is raised and excess resin is drained from the part.  The part is then removed from the platform, washed, and placed in a UV oven to complete the curing process.  SLA offers good accuracy and feature definition and a nice variety of material choices.  Rigid, clear, flexible, and low durometer materials are available.

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering):

Powdered material is fused with the heat from a CO2 laser beam one layer at a time.  When a layer is complete, a powder piston lowers and another layer of powder is distributed on top of the part.  This process is continued until the part or parts are complete.  Upon completion, the part piston is raised and the loose powder is removed from the parts.  Parts can be nested throughout the build chamber.  SLS materials tend to have better material properties than SLA or Objet but less accuracy and feature definition.

Objet Polyjet:

UV sensitive resin is distributed via print head to a platform where it is cured with a UV light attached to the back of the print head carriage.  The Objet materials offer about the same material properties as SLA but at higher accuracy and resolution.  Material cost is higher so large parts become somewhat expensive.  The Objet technology is an excellent choice for small detailed parts or patterns to be used in down stream tooling applications.

Objet Eden 333 Objet Eden 333

Materials Available:

  • FullCure720
  • DurusWhite
  • VeroWhite
  • VeroBlue
  • VeroBlack
  • TangoPlus
  • TangoGray
  • TangoBlack