Untouchable Inpection Services

How is it Done?:

Your part is scanned to produce point cloud data. That data is converted to a clean mesh file that is then placed on top of the original CAD data. Rapidform XOV performs a best fit function by determining the most logical way to line up the data. This function is performed 20 times to ensure that the data is lined up perfectly. Now the scan data can be compared to the original CAD data to determine the differences. Color deviation maps will show where the part surface is above or below the design surface. Many other dimensional operations can be performed.

What do you get?:

Absolute Geometries will supply various inspection reports and files to help you analyze your product:

  • Interactive 3D models
  • Color 3D surface deviation maps
  • 2D boundary and section deviation maps
  • GD&T reports from your supplied drawing

computer aided inspection data

Inspection Services can be used for:

  • First article inspections
  • Inspecting new tooling for accuracy or old tooling for wear
  • Monitor manufacturing processes with scheduled inspections
  • Process optimization and trend analysis


  • Save time and money on first article inspections. Compare our timing and price to traditional inspection techniques.
  • 100% inspection vs. "measure what you can".
  • Every point on every surface is measured, not just selected points.
  • Eliminate unnecessary future inspections on areas that are well within tolerance.
  • Less time collecting data means more time left to analyze.
  • Shorten approval times and ship your product sooner.

computer aided inspection results

Absolute Geometries uses industry leading RAPIDFORM XOV Verifier software:
  • Highest accuracy alignment algorithm.
  • Web-based collaboration with interactive 3D models.
  • Parametrically linked inspection results.
  • Boundary, sillhouette curve, virtual edge and reference geometry deviation color mapping.
  • ANSIY14.5B 1994 compliant.