Absolute Geometries was established to bring speed and affordability to the 3D Scanning Industry. Utilizing the latest in scanning hardware and software, we are committed to being the most efficient source for your scanning needs. Downstream services include Reverse Engineering, Computer-aided Inspection, and RP Equipment Optimization.

Our employees have a long history of 3D scanning, Rapid Prototyping, and Product Development. We will work with you to fully understand the desired goal for your project and we will be there to assist in any way. With our experience, we will ensure that you receive the proper information from the 3D scanning process to complete your project and we will also ensure that you do not pay for something that is not needed.

Technology Used:

Absolute Geometries utilizes only the latest in scanning hardware and software.

Faro Scan Arm
Scanning Hardware:
    Faro Platinum 8' Arm System
    Volumetric Maximum Deviation: 0.0017"
    Single Point Accuracy: 0.0012"
    Faro Laser Line Probe V3
    Accuracy: +/- .0026"
    3D3 Solutions HDI Advance White Light Scanner
    Accuracy: +/- .001"

Scanning Software:
    RAPIDFORM XOS for scan data processing
    RAPIDFORM XOV for inspection
    FlexScan3D for white light scanning
    Siemens NX for complex CAD modeling and Reverse Engineering

The Team:

Mike Durham

Mike Durham, Owner/Operator, has been in the CAD/CAE/RP industries for over 20 years and has the knowledge and drive to make your project a success. His experience includes CAE/CAD Systems Administrator at Texas Instruments, Service Bureau Manager at DTM Corporation and General Manager of Accelerated Technologies, a leading Rapid Prototyping Service Bureau.

"I use the same principles of servicing the customer that I have used in my 20 year career in Rapid Prototyping. Absolute Geometries introduces the speed and affordability prominent in the Rapid Prototyping Industry to the 3D Scanning Industry."

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Tim Andrews

Tim Andrews, Account Manager, has been consulting on Engineering Projects for over 15 years and has expert knowledge of Manufacturing Processes, Rapid Prototyping, and 3D Scanning.

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Bruce Burton

Bruce Burton, CAD Operations, is an expert in surface creation from point cloud data and NC programming. Bruce has over 15 years in CAD experience involving complex projects.



Absolute Geometries is located in the Austin, TX area.