3D Scanning Services:

Also known as 3D Imaging, 3D Scanning is the process of obtaining digital shape information of a geometry with non contact imaging systems. This process creates what is known as "point cloud" data that can be used for many purposes. Scanners can capture thousands of points within seconds. If an object is too large to scan in one take, the scan data can be joined together with special processing software as long as each scan contains at least some of the adjacent data.

Absolute Geometries will scan your geometry with our non-contact scanning system to create point cloud, STL or NURBS surface data.

We can also supply the following services:

Reverse Engineering

Existing Geometry is scanned so that a previously unavailable CAD model can be created.

Computer Aided Inspection

The scan data is compared to the original CAD data or previous scan data to determine differences.

RP Equipment Optimization

Scans of Rapid Prototyping parts are compared to the original .STL file to determine if the proper build parameters are being used.

Rapid Prototyping:

Absolute Geometries employees have a vast amount of experinece in Rapid Prototyping and will assist in getting you the right parts in the right process at a competitive price.

Product Development Services:

We have over 20 years experience in Product Development including Rapid Prototyping, RTV Tooling, Bridge to Production Tooling and Molding, Prototype Metal Castings, Machined parts, and Production Tooling and Molding. Absolute Geometries will help you to determine the best manufacturing process and will manage your project all the way through production.

CMM Inspection Services:

Absolute Geometries can perform CMM Inspection on your parts at our facility or yours. Large parts can easily be inspected with our 8' Faro arm system.