RP Equipment Optimization:

Traditional methods of measuring Rapid Prototype parts do little to determine the true cause of out of spec features. If a measurement is out of spec, is the cause scaling, growth, Z offset, beam compensation, scanner calibration or some other problem?

Utilizing 3D scanning and RAPIDFORM Verifier software, Absolute Geometries can give you detailed information on where and why your RP parts are not within industry standard tolerances.

All we need is an RP part and the original STL file that was used to build the part. Absolute Geometries will scan the part and then overlay the point cloud data with the original STL file. A color surface deviation map will show where and how much the RP part does not match the STL file. Absolute Geometries will then make recommendations on what parameters to adjust on your equipment to build better and more accurate parts.

Our process will determine:

viper sla system

  • Overall scaling
  • Beam compensation settings
  • Warpage
  • Scanner calibration problems
  • Areas of "Z" growth
  • Curling
duraform part